Rinchenpong Village Resort

Sun Jun 30 2019

We have recently changed the name of Rinchenpong Village Resort at Kaluk to Green Hill Village Resort. Google maps displays both Rinchenpong Village Resort and Greenhill Resort at the same location. We are working with them to resolve it. Please note that these are essentially the same properties.

We assure all our esteemed guests that the level of service which was always great has only improved more.

You can read more about the legacy of the resort in this Telepgraph news article from 2010. With time, we have upgraded and offer modern luxuries in our spacious cottages. The Kanchenjunga still shines the same through the early morning mist and our hospitality remains homely as always.

As the featured article mentions we are surrounded by multiple attractions around us. Are you aware that the great poet and nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore stayed in the vicinity and there is a Park dedicated to his memory? Or are you aware that there is a lake which was poisoned to stop the advancement of the British Soldiers?

Visit this little gem called Kaluk located in West Sikkim to spend some quiet and quality time in the lap of nature. And when you are here do explore around as you never know what else you will stumble upon.

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