Attractions Local points of interest in Kaluk

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Kaluk, a small Himalayan hamlet is a nature lover’s paradise and is a hot choice for honeymoon getaways. If you have been planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to finish off your novel, or enjoy a quiet retreat, Kaluk is a preferred location. The calm, serene atmosphere, the snow-capped mountains, and the cascade lilt make for an idyllic setting.

Situated in West Sikkim, Kaluk is fast growing as a major tourist attraction. With the magnificent Kanchenjunga drawing thousands of tourists every year, Kaluk is a hot favorite with both backpackers and luxury travelers. Rinchenpong is only 3 km away from Kaluk.

Kaluk – Rinchenpong – Kaluk, this trio can be included with either Hilley-Barsey-Okhrey Trekking schedule or a simple Pelling Ravangla tour chart. The famous Uttarey is also quite close to this place, and well-connected by road transport network. Chhaya Tal, another beautiful lake that can also be covered during daily sightseeing from Kaluk.

None other than Rabindranath Tagore had spent a couple of days in this area in the 1920s. Rabindranath Smriti Van, the house where the poet stayed and enjoyed the scenic view of the Himalayas, is just 2 km from Rinchenpong bazaar. It is a major tourist draw and has been maintained well.

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